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Selling wine abroad by email

Now let's get down to business. In fact, many of the marketing efforts to succeed in selling are based on relationships, and building a comprehensive database of contacts of people who can be useful to our purpose is critical to achieving our goal.

Qualified personnel (a polygote with wine industry qualifications) sent to the site to represent the winery that makes us understand everything about it: Hotel/pension/accommodation (multiplied by the days of stop), food (multiplied by the days of stop), cost of fair or event, sending of samples (they arrive or not/they are forgiven/they arrive the day after, in short problems and complications) That are Propagated many times FOR YEARS!

If I were a winery and I had a small budget, a small budget does not mean 500/600 euros but small budget 5000/6000 euros maybe I could start thinking about starting working relationships with someone.

Selling Wine abroad is not easy!

In conclusion, finding new importers for your company is not at all easy, and certainly not FREE! An investment in time and money must be taken into account anyway, and the results, apart from rare exceptions, will always be proportional to the investment made. In short, the possibilities for selling wine are endless, and if they are not there, what can I say... good luck!

The Agency Export Puglia Girolamo "Jerry" Di Gregorio comes to meet these needs, highly qualified staff that moves on the territory (Poland) achieving multiple successes, now since 2011.


Services Description

SSP Stowarzeszenia Sommelierow Polski is the association recognized by the ASI fundamental for the knowledge of wine in the Polish territory. http://www.sommelierzy.pl/ http://www.sommelierzy.pl/

Through the newsletter, information relating to sector events such as: Fairs, Competitions, Tastings will be spread. Additional costs

Thanks to a knowledge of the area and many years of experience in the field we have the possibility to have contacts and information that are decisive for the development of the objectives.

SIDW Association of Polish importers and distributors key figures for the sale of wine in Poland https://kulturawina.pl/ https://kulturawina.pl/

Concorso prestigioso per dare valore sul territorio Polacco di un determinato vino. Costi aggiuntivi

Social Facebook, Instagram blog of our media services.

Collaborazione esterna di Social molto conosciuti sul territorio polacco per la migliore diffusione. Costi aggiuntivi.

Thanks to a knowledge of the territory and many years of on-site experience through a network of contacts, we guarantee a search for a distributor with a negotiation service in Polish.

Diamo la possibilita di avere un giorno a disposizione, consulente bilingue ad un evento o fiera che la cantina ha intenzione di fare. Costi aggiuntivi.

Fundamental news organization in Poland. Additional costs.

Publication through social media and websites of video explanations relating to the selected wine with dedications and tags entirely in Polish.